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December 2009

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Albus The Gay Sorcerer
(No, NOT slash!)
This story is not HBP nor DH compatible, and ignores a bunch of things from OOTP as well. It was inspired by one of my favorite movies.

After having managed to successfully wreck wizarding society by the latter half of 1999, Voldemort set his sights more fully on the Muggle world. The Muggles, Voldemort knew, were sufficiently numerous to be a threat to his designs of a new world order, especially given their technology. The Dark Lord created a spell intended to envelop the globe in a low-level magic field, one sufficiently powerful enough to disrupt the electronics so much of Muggle technology was dependent upon. Voldemort then planned to take advantage of the resulting chaos to reduce or eliminate any Muggle resistance to his rule, the better to impose his will on wizard and Muggle alike.

His plans were to come to fruition on Hogmanay, 31 December 1999. Voldemort’s ritual was timed to culminate at the stroke of midnight – his “Hogmanay gift to the filthy Muggle scum” – but was interrupted by a team of Aurors led by Harry Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived. The Battle of Stonehaven was short but intense, ending at ten minutes to midnight with the final destruction of Voldemort. Harry Potter somehow managed to refocus Voldemort’s planned magic field solely on the Dark Lord himself, and the resulting concentration of magical energy was enough to bring a final end to the Dark Lord’s dreams of conquest. Many of Voldemort’s strongest supporters, such as the Lestranges and Malfoys, were destroyed as well…

-- Rise and Fall of the Dark Arts, LXXII Edition, excerpt from Chapter MMCLXIV, Defeat of the Dark Lord Voldemort

The Reign of Shadows or, as it is sometimes known, the Second War (of Voldemort), can be said to have begun in June of 1995 with the Resurrection of Voldemort and was ended by the final defeat of the dark wizard by the young Auror Harry Potter on 31 December 1999. (For more on this period, please refer to Chapters LXVII -- XCIX.) The damage done to wizarding society of the time by this conflict was incalculable, culminating in the wrecking of the wizarding economy in 1998 with the Death Eater assault on London’s Diagon Alley and the sacking of Gringotts Bank. The destruction of the Ministry of Magic in October of 1999 emphasized the tenor of the times, making the chaos of the following quarter-century an inevitability rather than the possibility that existed in the latter half of 1998. The total elimination of the government that year, coupled with the mysterious disappearance of Hogwarts Headmaster Albus Dumbledore in 1998, left the wizarding world adrift with no able leader immediately available…at least, no such leader then acceptable to the majority of wizardkind. After twenty years of fits and starts, the last scion of the Black family, Sirius Black, had managed to convince a majority of the remaining powerful family Heads to support him as Minister of Magic…

-- Modern Magical History, Introduction to Chapter CCXXXII, page 10345


Dave--Oh, you have to write more of this! (g) Most enjoyable!